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CASHTERMINAL is a modern innovative technology for paying off liabilities for any kind of public utilities and other provider services.
What services can I pay for through CASHTERMINAL?
The CASHTERMINAL system allows you to make payments to all big service providers. Through our system you can pay your bills for telephone, electricity, water, internet, cable television and many others.
Do I need a preliminary registration in the system?
No preliminary registration in the system is required, it is enough just to provide your payment information, for example mobile phone number, customer number, username, and others. You must identify yourself with your Personal ID or Bulstat to get information about the liabilities on your account.
Do customers pay a fee to use the service?
No, when customers pay their bills through CASHTERMINAL they do not pay additional charges.
How long after paying the amount will my duties be cleared off?
Immediately after deposing the sum the system records the extinction of the respective obligations to the service provider.
Where can I pay bills through CASHTERMINAL?
The automated machines CASHTERMINAL are available at various public places, such as supermarkets, hospitals, universities and others. You can see the precise places at "Payment sites" on our webpage.
What personal information should I submit to the system?
Anyone wishing to settle their bill needs to be identified in the system by his Personal ID.
Is there a limit to the payment of services?
No, you can pay off an unlimited amount of liabilities through the CASHTERMINAL system.
Can I register in the system to pay for services fast and easy?
At this stage the system does not allow registration. This service is currently being developed and will soon be available to all users.
What type of payment does CASHTERMINAL accept?
The CASHTERMINAL devices only accept CASH payments (Bulgarian banknotes) in order to facilitate users. The system accepts banknotes of 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 leva.
Can I use the system to pay bills outside working hours?
Yes, the system operates 24 hours a day throughout the year, regardless of holidays and weekends.
Can I pay bills during the weekend?
Yes, the system operates every day, 24 hours a day.
How can I be sure that the device will settle my bill?
CASHTERMINAL's team consists of highly qualified specialists in the field of economy and information technology. There are operators monitoring the system status and connectivity with suppliers 24 hours a day, to limit the possibility of error to a minimum. If there is a problem with a terminal or a service provider, customers will not be able to deposit money into the terminal, and the display of the terminal will show a message about the terminal's temporary suspension.
Can I change the language of the device?
The option for changing the language will be available soon to all CASHTERMINAL customers. Currently customers have the option to pay bills only through the Bulgarian interface and voice messages in Bulgarian.
What will happen if I have put money in the drive and there is a power failure or the connectivity is interrupted?
Each CASHTERMINAL device is equipped with its own backup power supply ensuring smooth continuation of its work in case of blackouts. The terminals' connection with the station and the suppliers is also secured through double connection - terrestrial and wireless Internet connection.
I want to advertise in the advertising fields. How do I do this?
Everyone has the opportunity to advertise their product or service through the CASHTERMINAL system. For more information, please contact our headquarters by phone +359 29876343 or directly with the advertising department - adv@cashterminal.eu , tel. +359879011717
How can I contact you?
In the "Contacts" menu on this site you can find information on how to contact us.
Is CASHTERMINAL a reserved trademark?
Yes, the mark CASHTERMINAL is reserved and no one has the right to use it or disseminate it without our consent.
How do I start a payment?
Payments are initiated by pressing the Start button and accepting the Terms of Use.
Can I continue without accepting the Terms of Use?
No. Each user must first accept the Terms of Use in order to use the services of our system.
Why does the terminal not return change?
Enabling this type machines to return change would increase the cost of investment so much as to render their use unprofitable. This is why all such machines in the world do not give back change to customers. Our terminals do not keep your money. Even the smallest sum overpaid remains in your account and goes to the provider of the service you paid for. In this way, you pay in advance part of the sum by which you will settle your future obligations.
What do I do if the terminal does not accept the banknotes?
Sometimes the terminals do not accept certain notes. The reason for this may be a counterfeit note or one in very bad condition. If this happens to you while using the terminal, you can try to insert the note a few more times, or to use another one. Sometimes the notes are not accepted by terminals because of a spot on them, fuzzy colour, curled edges, torn parts of them, etc.
Where should I place the money?
The notes must be placed in the bank note receiver which you can distinguish by the flashing red or green light in the central part of the terminal.
What should I do if I can not complete the payment?
In case of a problem with payment, please contact our operators on tel. 0700 19 777
What happens to change?
The change which remains upon payment is automatically deducted from your bill to the respective provider for the next month.
What happens if I can not pay the full amount?
The money which you deposited to your account through our terminal will settle your liabilities partially. Partial payment does not guarantee that the service you use will be activated again if it has been discontinued. For example: The bill for your mobile phone amounts to 20 leva and outgoing calls have been restricted. Upon payment of 5 leva through our terminals, your outgoing calls will most probably not be reactivated.
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